Zesty Citrus Pre Wash

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If there's one product you should have in your detailing kit, it's Zesty Pre Wash. You may find yourself wondering how you ever got by without it! Zesty is a powerful wax-safe cleaner that contains citral and other natural and synthetic detergents. This has incredible cleaning power and won't affect your wax or ceramic coating protection if used at a ratio of 5:1. It's a must-have in the winter. It's also wonderful for cleaning window rubbers because it doesn't leave any residue.

How To Use:

Zesty is best applied to your vehicles exterior bodywork via a pump sprayer. Saturate dirt and road grime by spraying directly onto the vehicle and allow around 1 minute to work before jet washing. Work top to bottom and carefully rinse all areas that have had Zesty applied to them, including arch liners and the vehicle sills/underside for dilution ratios please see our website for guidance.

Safety Information:

For use on automotive applications only avoiding contact with rubber, plastic and leather Do not use on vehicle interior Do not apply to chrome, bare aluminium, bare metal or painted wheels which have no lacquer applied, if in doubt apply to a hidden area first. Apply Zesty in a well ventilated environment. Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin. If irritation develops when using Zesty then stop immediately and wash the effected area with plenty of cold water and introduce gentle scrubbing. Zesty will cause irritation to eyes and airways. Always stand up wind of any spray. If any Zesty encounters eyes, rinse thoroughly with eye wash. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.